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  • BulkTrip.com is a B2B Wholesale Reservation system which allows maximum of 4 Rooms or 32 Passengers (max 24 adults and 8 children) to be booked at one time. Any request which has more than 4 rooms should be treated as group booking and such request should be sent to the BulkTrip Operations team. Any attempt to block groups on BulkTrip.com without prior intimation may result in cancellation of whole booking.
  • BulkTrip.com has an age restriction of minimum 18 years to become an Active BulkTrip Partner Agency or User to avail services on BulkTrip.com
  • BulkTrip.com shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising out of measures taken for safeguarding its own interest and also of its genuine customers. BulkTrip.com reserves the right to deny/cancel any booking on account of suspected fraud transactions.
  • BulkTrip.com shows dynamic rates and prices which are calculated in real time as per availability and according to prevailing currency exchange rates. Hence we reserve the all rights to change prices offered on our website at any time. However price of booking once confirmed will be fixed at the time of booking creation and will never change unless and until booking is amended or cancelled and thus BulkTrip Partner Agencies can secure themselves from fluctuating exchange rate of currencies in market.
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  • BulkTrip.com reserves the right to undertake all necessary and required measures to protect its system integrity, safety and security alongwith making sure that all of BulkTrip.com end users and clients interests are protected. For the same, BulkTrip, from time to time, may take different measures to confirm the genuineness, enforceability and validity of orders placed by any end user on its site.
  • BulkTrip.com reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to determine the authenticity and validity of orders placed on its site. In case of discovery of any malpractice regarding an order, the same may be cancelled anytime before the expected date of visit to corresponding hotel accommodations mentioned in the order.
  • BulkTrip.com would not be responsible for any risks or any unforeseeable issues regarding your travel to the accommodations booked as part of any order via its website. You are strongly advised to make sure that you have correct travel documentations and paperwork to allow yourself a proper and uninterrupted stay at the booked accommodations. BulkTrip does not accept liability for damages, losses, or delays that may result from improper documents for entry, exit, length of stay, or from travel to any destinations. Also, if you are unsure of the travel destination, in terms of security or safety, we recommend you to get in touch with different authorities to confirm about any issued travel warnings, advisories etc. before making your final plans of travel. BulkTrip.com is a generic vendor of hotels worldwide, however, by means of any hotels available on its website, it does not represent or warrant that travel to such destinations is advisable or without risk.
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Booking Terms & Conditions

  • General Check-In time is 14:00 hours. Reservation may be cancelled automatically in case of late check-in (generally 18:00 hours), if hotel is not informed prior about late arrival.
  • General Check-Out time is 12:00 hours. Any late checkout may incur additional charges and have to be borne by the guests. Please check directly with the hotel in advance for late check-out possibility.
  • In case of wrong residency or nationality selected by user at the time of booking, the supplement charges may be applicable and need to be paid directly to the hotel by guest on check-in/check-out.
  • A valid Photo ID is required at the time of check-in for all adult passengers. In case of international travel, valid photo IDs are required for all children as well.
  • Hotel may ask for credit card or cash deposit at the time of check-in for any incidental charges that may be incurred during the stay.
  • Booki ngs including children will be based on sharing parents bedding and no separate bed for children is provided unless otherwise stated in your booking details.
  • In case of hotel bookings with children less than 2 years of age, Cot(s) will be requested at the Hotel. However cots are not guaranted and are subject to availability at check-in.
  • Any special requests made during booking such as early check-in, late check-out, smoking room etc. are not guaranteed and are completely subject to availability at the time of check-in.
  • Any additional expenses caused due to changes or delays in air, road, rail, sea or due to any other reason, need to be completely borne by the passenger and we would not be liable and/or responsible for any of those charges.
  • In case of early check-out or No Show for the booking, 100% cancellation charges would be applicable.
  • Please note that your booking may not reflect at the Hotel until closer to check-in date.
  • All extra charges should be collected directly by hotel from guests prior to check-out such as parking, phone calls, room service, city tax etc.

  • Promotions Terms and Conditions

  • In event of cancellation of a vouchered booking that has any promotion discount applied, if any refund is applicable as part of cancellation according cancellation policy, the original discount provided as part of booking would not be refunded back. Thus amount refunded via a credit-note would be total applicable refund on cancellation minus original discount provided on the booking. In case, if refund amount is less than coupon discount amount, no refund will be provided.

    Cancellation Policy
  • Bulktrip takes best effort to provide accurate Cancellation policy for a Hotel booking as part of its Booking process. Customers are advised to take note of cancellation deadline while making a booking and the same would be applicable during booking cancellation.
  • In event of a cancellation of a booking in CONFIRM status before cancellation deadline, no cancellation charges would be applicable.
  • Any booking in CONFIRM status, would get auto-cancelled once it reaches cancellation deadline date. Agents are advised to Voucher their bookings to prevent auto-cancellation.
  • Any VOCHERED booking would not be auto-cancelled. Agents are responsible for cancelling the booking before cancellation deadline to prevent any cancellation charges.
  • If a VOCHERED booking is cancelled after Cancellation Deadline, then effective cancellation charges would be levied on the booking corresponding to the time when the booking is cancelled.
  • If an agent / customer directly notifies about Cancellations to the accommodation or service provider then same will not be effective. Only requests for cancellations made directly to BulkTrip.com website would be applicable as a valid cancellation request.

    Refund Policy
  • In event of cancellation of a booking in Voucher status
  •   If Booking Payment was made using Payment Gateway
  • If the booking payment was been made using Payment Gateway, and if any refund is applicable as part of cancellation according to Booking Cancellation policy, then same amount would be refunded back directly to Payment method used in Payment Gateway for the corresponding booking. Any payment gateway service charge levied on the booking during payment would not be refunded back as part of cancellation refund.
  • Refunds generally take between 15 - 20 working days to be credited to the account, credit or debit card.

  •   If Booking Payment was made using BulkTrip cash / credit wallet
  • If the booking payment was NOT been made using Payment Gateway and rather BulkTrip cash / credit wallet was used, and if any refund is applicable as part of cancellation according to Booking Cancellation policy, then same amount would be refunded back to the BulkTrip wallet. In case of BulkTrip Credit customer, the credit limit would also be incremented by the cancellation refund amount.
  • If the customer does not arrive at the booked Hotel / Apartment on the Check-In or they check-Out earlier than the date on which they are booked to leave, they will only be entitled to receive any refund due only if same is notified to BulkTrip from our intermediary supplier for that booking. Refunds for unutilized nights or services are only on the discretion of the intermediary supplier.